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Five-Star Career Opportunities for World-Class Professionals

Ausphin is the one name you can trust to provide you full service for your career advancement in the Land Down Under — from training & finding a suitable employer, to monitoring your progress and walking with you towards achieving your goals as a Permanent Resident.

Why Ausphin

Customised Career-Progression Pathways
We offer customised training plans and carefully planned career pathways that we believe are fit for you. Your professional growth is our priority and we make it easy.
Visa Sponsorship & Stability
We provide a blanket visa sponsorship, covering intensive monitoring and tracking of your path while you pursue your goals in Australia. We promise a stable career you can grow from.
Vast Network of Premier Employers
Ausphin has partnered with over 105+ employers, building mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and companies. This brings us to the forefront among agencies that employers seek for employment solutions.

Services We Offered

Job Placement Based on Specialisation

We have trained specialists and experts who can discern your capabilities accordingly, ensuring you are placed in an appropriate industry for professional growth. We extend our expertise from wise advice to finding you the right professional match.

Visa Sponsorship & Migration Services

We commit ourselves in preparing our candidates with the necessary skills and requirements they will need for a seamless onboarding process. You have Ausphin with you in every step of the process of becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia.

Relocation Support & Monitoring

We are more than aware of the ins-and-outs of the relocation process. We pride ourselves with our 99% success rate and rightly so, as our mastery in the practice and determination in making Australia your new home proves the number.

Why Choose Australia?

Australia is a cultural hotpot and with this, one can travel around the world just by visiting Australia alone. With the country’s diverse culture comes a diverse culinary scenery, featuring some of the world’s multi-awarded restaurants and highly-decorated chefs & industry leaders.

Why Australia

Chefs are in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

The PMSOL identifies Chef as one of the occupations needed to aid in the economic recovery of Australia. This means not only will there be prioritisation of granting visas of highly skilled Chefs, but an increase in professional opportunities, too.

World’s Highest Minimum Wage Rate

Australia is consistently on the top of the World’s List of Countries with the Highest Minimum Wage Rate. This means that hospitality professionals are offered competitive salary rates, with a minimum of $19.38 – $26 hourly rate.

High Priority for Permanent Residency Visa

Due to the rapid growth in the Hospitality industry, there is an added increase in demand for qualified and skilled Chefs to aid in Australia’s economic needs. Ultimately, this leads to companies and organisations providing offers to sustain and maintain their workers.

Ausphin is Trusted by 100+ Companies